Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Believe in Miracles!

Sometimes, You just gotta believe that miracles do happen.
I got my 'lost' item back!

No one can actually believe how lucky I can be.
First wallet, now this.
Boyf even had to ask afew times to make sure that he heard me right.

I was so sad yesterday that I woke up at 3am,
lying there awake, and fell asleep only after an hour later.

Thank god, it's back in my bag again.

Morning I have Dad to drive me,
Night I have boyf to pick me.

I was actually very tempted to buy Samsung F480.
Boyf finally agreed.
Checked the price, realised that it is cheaper than my current one,
(the price dropped alot within few months, not a v-good phone i suppose!)
and together with its lousy-specs-&-damn-lousy-camera-but-nice-design,
I think, I'll just give it a miss. Don't wanna end up with a lousy phone. BAH!

Test, this Friday :(

After next week, it's holidayyyyye!
Counting down!