Tuesday, May 12, 2009

For granted


Project Scope accepted!
But I am not ready for business yet!!

Today is our monthsary.
Happy monthsary.

Mr Das is back. Great to see him in school today.
Hope to see more of him.

I need a manicure n pedicure badddllllyyyy.

Thanks for the surprise.
Like seriously. Appreciated. Honestly.
Totally unexpected. Really.

In my world, how perfect life would be,
In your mind, nothing's more important than 'life' should be.

I can never step in, never step inside to understand.
Neither will you, never will you, understand how I feel.
Because there is nothing I can do anymore, just to make you see
How hard I was trying to make it right.

One lie, trashed everything.
Everything which used to be.

My importance is replaced.

So useless, So helpless, Words so true.
To forgive, to forget, merely some verbs.

I have been living in a world of my own,
everything's too perfect,
almost flawless.
However, that is only my wishful thinking.
Otherwise, It is too good to be true.

To give up, is to breakfree
To hold on, is additional misery
when you know that, things will never be
the same.

Weighing scale from 0 to 10,
all I see is zero.
Now, we all know.

This is not a song, neither is it taken from else where.
It is from me, right from the bottom of my heart.

If seeing me sad is what you wish for,
I would gladly abide.