Sunday, May 24, 2009

His Presence

I don't have new pictures to update,
and because I don't like the whole blog to look so wordy,
I shall present you with old pictures! Hehehe.

I gave work a miss yesterday,
I was too worn out, and headache joined in the fun.
Woke up at 6am, Boyf sent me to my destination and he went home to sleep.
I joined him after I was done with my stuffs.

Agreed to go shopping today,
but we were defeated by my laziness,
so we stayed at his place.

Lunch was at Ajisen again today(with Boyf, Bfsis and Bfmum)
I had Ajisen 5times this month :O
not sick of it yet because I love their ramen and egg and ramen and egg~

The dinner prepared by his mum today was F-A-B!!!
I don't mind eating that everydayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

My pretty nails!
I am in love with Navy blue!
Don't know why, but the crystals look so weird in here.

kkbaibai, need to study for test.