Sunday, May 17, 2009

Keep losing, Keep keep losing

Keep losing, Keep keep losing.

one bad thing about labels is that,
when u dropped it,
it is usually un-retrieveable :(

Less than a year ago, I misplaced my wallet,
But I was lucky,
the veryvery kind cleaner found it and kept it for me.
Since then,
I always make sure that my wallet & handphone is with me when I am leaving(anywhere).
Toilet, Food court, School, Alighting and Boarding etc.

Now, I dropped something again.
I am pretty much aware that I won't get it back.

Something not-very-cheap,
Something with alot of deep meanings,
Something which contains important stuffs.

I was still very happy in the earlier part of the day
because boyf bought lunch,
his elder sister gave me a bottle of mask which smells awfully good,
and I found my specs at boyf's drawer
which I had been looking for at home for the past 2 days.

Incase you have no idea that I own 3 pairs of same-degree-diff-design specs,
I am always wearing the pink-black, or red-black pair when I am home.
Then, Mummy told me that she is going to make a new pair of specs,
which tempted me to make the 4th pair, and reminded me of my white one.
So, I found something, and lost something at the same time.

I know I can always get another one to replace it(the thing that i lost today),
but not everything can be replaced.
Furthermore, I was very attached to it.
Despite using it for more than half a year,
I daresay that it is still as good as new.

Wish that someone would call me tomorrow telling me that he/she found it.
Wish that it is just lying in one of my many bags.

Keeping my fingers crossed with minimum hopes.