Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time has got a way

Hola! Pure indulgence today.

First was lesson in the morn,
Then, went back to Hunny's place to join his family.
Off day for his elder sister & half day for his eldest sister.
So his elder sister drove all of us to Holland Village for good food.
They went into this Japanese bakery and bought lots of breads.

That bakery is so cute. You should look at the way everything are arranged.
Tables and chairs are also provided if you choose to dine there for a short tea break.

Went back to shopping mall for shopping,
Old Town White Coffee for Coffee and Ice creams!

Hunny got me a pair of flats and I got myself another dress.
He was actually quite bored as the 3 of us spent quite some time choosing dresses!

Jurong Point Icing Room for Marcel's Birthday cake!
I had a fun time decorating the cake with his elder sister.
Woohoooo, I wanna do it again.

Bought Sushi & Sashimi and backkkkkkkkkkkkk for my nap.