Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The air's fresh again!


I skipped school today because I was too tired. Since I have no OFF from school tmr, I woke up deciding to skip either today or Friday. The final decision was today because my gastric wasn't too well as well.

Even though I was home for the whole day, but my life is as exciting as though I am outside. I was in a conversation with Janice-Jiayun, and Lina-Weisong, tried dragging them to the salon for a haircut! Almost succeeded in Lina-Weisong but L had to go with her sister during the weekends :( Nevertheless, I was still in a happy mood because I had enough sleep! :D

Gastric is not helping! Argh~~ Please be gone when I wake up tomorrow! I didn't fix my keypad today so I need to head to alot of different place tmr.