Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Baaa Baaa

Singapore is really small indeed.
Chatted with Weisong and found out that his sister is actually Jonathan's girlf classmate.
Well, nothing to be proud of when Singapore is just this tiny. HAHA. Sad case.

Weehoo! I am webcamming with boyfriend while blogging this.
I saw Boyf's sister smacking Jonathan (for fun).

Met Coffee today.
This best friend of mine is reporting to NS in 2weeks time. :(
Best friend. Mmmm. Such simple words with depth. 10th year.
He is my bestbestbestest friend that I can ever ask for.

Only slapped some eyeliner on and nothing else.
Changing the colour of my bands(braces) this thurs!
<3333333 braces!

5th case of H1N1 in SG.
Please please people, Eat more fruits to build up your immune system!