Friday, June 12, 2009

Back again

Totally drained for the past 3 days.

Ubi > Enous > Tamp > Enous > Clarke Quay

On Tuesday, we went to Tamp One.
To our disappointment, it was really bored.
The only shop which we stayed for more than 5mins was Uni Qlo!
Love the jeans there. & they were relatively cheap! $69.90 with discounts!
I bought Boyf One. Wanted him to get 2 but he said 1 is enough.

Watch + Jeans = Around $200+.
But I still owe him SGD$200+ of presents!
It was all for his 22nd birthday which was 2months ago.
It will be my turn soon in Nov :D

He loves to wear that Tee because he said it's cosy.

Double Date on Wednesday.
DerekFelicia + BoyfME.

Queensway > Ikea > Anchorpoint > Vivo City > Geylang

We went to print 7 Jerseys! (For no reason. Just for fun)
For the 4 of us + CG,JJ,HY.
Only $140 for all?!?!
We are intending to wear it for Derek's 21st which sounded kinda STUPID. Hahaha.

The guys were pretty bored at Vivo City because we were choosing Girl's stuff and testing on them.
A girl's best friend = Pretty pretty nails.
Slacked at Fel's place.

Ran out of allowance, Didn't want to withdraw from bank.
Received a call from Mummy. Dad's giving us double allowance this week!

Thursday was a total sporty day.
DerekFelicia + BoyfME.

Jurong West Sports Complex > Home > Bukit Batok > Bukit Timah > Clementi

1230 Lunch.
1330 Badminton.
1500 Swimming.
1730 Wash up.
1800 Cabbed back to take Derek's Car.
1830 Picked CG up, Dinner.
1930 Billard.

I stopped after 1hour of badminton. It was tiring~
Couldn't find my SunBlock at home, Thus, I am darker right now. Urgh!

Am having terrible muscle ache due to badminton.
Still, I enjoy Badminton more than other sports~

Lots of pictures, but not in this laptop. :)