Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Day

No wonder I didn't like you from the first time we met.
But I'll forgive you today since I am in a good mood.

I was chewing on Fruitella, the very chewy and sticky candy.
One of the metal ring supporting the braces sticked to it and then it snapped.
So now, I have problem biting my food.
And I don't have the time to visit the dentist till Wednesday before my test.

Went out with Mum.
Came back with lots of stuffs.
Didn't had to fork out a single cent.

I showed YQ how capable I am in whinning to my mum.
Despite complaining about how many pairs of shoes I have everyday,
She paid for them today. :):):)

Ade dropped my phone real hard.
There is a tiny hole on my keypad :(
The original casing cost $110 for its chrome :(
I am getting it fixed no matter what!

There is 2 boxes of Sara Lee Chocolate Pound Cake in my fridge!!
My favouriteeee!
Tmr's breakfast!

School is tomorrow :(
3 test in a row.
I even had to go back to school just for the 45mins test.
Holidays are always short.