Thursday, June 18, 2009

Knock you down

It was a fun day out that day.
This reminds me of my jersy! They haven't call us up for collection!!

I did not took train to school for a long period of time.
Today, I had to take train because Coffee is in NS already :(
Boyf is working so no one drove me home :(

I wouldn't be in school if there is no test.
All the tests are finally over. Thank lord.
But the last one was extremely hard and there wasn't enough time.
Headache after the test. STRESSSSSSSSED!

Gastric was terrible at night.
All thanks to the very very irregular meal recently. :(

There are so many beautiful people in my life.
Both beautiful in the inside and on the outside.

♥ Boyf's mum bought my favourite Black Pepper Chips and left it on his table saying that is for me.
Cause I brought it to her house the last time :D

♥ Weisong accompanied me for tuition again despite knowing the fact that he would have totally nothing to do while the school's connection is down for one solid hour while I am having my test.

♥ Janice kept reminding me to go down for lunch with them as I was stucked with my drama. One week of school, yet this is the first time I went down for break. 15mins.

♥ Lastly, The boyf who would always save the good stuffs for me.

I appreciate everyone who step into my life, and including those who stepped out of it.
However, I only meant those who never expect anything in return, like those that I had mentioned.
Not everything have to be done for a PURPOSE or motive.

p/s : My handphone is as good as new now!!
p/p/s : Never call someone rude names. Not even if he/she killed your family. If you did that, please visit the church.