Sunday, June 21, 2009

Love my Hot red nails

Look at me! I am bored to this extent!!!!!

Am I the only pathetic one who is home????? :(

I woke up at 0930, ate Mac breakfast, online, watched dramas, played with my dog,
shut down my com, lied on bed for 30minutes and called Huiyan at 1330hr.

YAYYYZ! Finally she is free for me.
4pm @ Town!

This Sunday is so different from last week's.

Last Sunday, Boyf drove Dad's car(which he havent been using) to many different places with Mum.
Grandma came to our place, so Boyf and me offered to send her back since we had no activities in the evening.
Parked Dad's car at Bf's apartment and he suggested to wash the car.
SEEE SEEEEE, Last week was so fun yet this week is like shit!

Aye. No point complaining. It's 1409hr already. Gotta prepare. BYEEEE.
Most likely to come back with my 3rd post later!