Monday, June 08, 2009

Pinky cheeks

You shall not know what is happening around me.
Past, Present, or Future since it is none of your business.
It is a price that we have to pay for.
-10th june

As you can see,
my just-woke-up and naked(free from make up) face.
Scary? :/

I just cheated Ade into buying me a blusher. Hohoho.
But I am not that evil lah~ Of cause I gave her something in return. Hehehe.
She got herself a bottle of Toner which cost $57 which I feel that is overpriced!
Because for that brand, I feel that it is not really worth the price.

Sad~ Few more days and it's back to school!

I will be out for the whole day tomorrow(maybe Sakae)
and We're paying the pool a visit on Wed!

Hugs & Kisses. BYE~

Elephant asked Camel: Isn’t it strange to have your breasts on your back?
Camel responded: What a silly question from someone who had a cock on his face.