Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sorry Hunny

These pictures were taken on Wed,
when he accompanied me to school and waited for my test to end.

Me and my chocolate Royce which flew over from Japan!

I am sad! Because last night he came over to my place happily and left with huge disappointment.

He wanted to tell me that he bought me a Ralph Lauren Polo tee and asked me to try the size.
But I told him I don't like that shade of blue. :(

The boyf bought himself a big pony with stripes, retailing at $200 while mine was a small pony (because I prefer small pony than big, they look more classic though nth special) at $145.

So today, he is going down to Paragon to see if mine can be exchanged.
Sorry Dear~
He was really disappointed :(

My hair is shoulder length now.
Damn short -.-
I trimmed about 15cm away.
Many thought I cut it short hair already but I am saving that for my 21st :D
I want the type where the back is shorter. The front longer (below my chin).
Short to long from back to front.
A change for the adult's age.