Monday, June 15, 2009

Term break ended

$250 gone within seconds today!
I am going to repair the keypad tomorrow.
Ohhhhh. Moneyyyyyyyy~

Sigh. I need to wake up early for my dental appointment on Wed.
there will be a test 6hours later.
And it is a bit of a hassel to travel here and there
so I have decided to go back to school after the appt.

The boyfriend decides to take off from his temp job on Wed to accompany me.
(Actually WeiSong, Lim had already agreed to accompany me!)
Hunny, You are actually saying no to money~

I painted his fourth finger nail pastel pink yesterday.
He just drove over from his place to ask me to remove the colour for him.
So silly.

School was bad. I had obvious dark rings. I was so god damn sleepy.
Test was hard. All the spread plate, pour plate, serial dilution thingy. BAH!
Thank god WS,L accompanied me for 2hours after school and we had dinner before we left.

One of my friend actually had the heart to dump me for "FREE SEX"!
Guys ahhh~ -.-
I can't understand the society nowadays.
That girl(his friend) is like omgly loose.
She have a boyfriend!
Apparently it seems that she doesn't cherish herself because it is not the first time.
Neither are they in a r/s.
(Well, I am not saying that it is right to do it when you are in a r/s.)
Instead of pitying her, I feel so sad for her parents.
Too conservative? maybe.

PS: I just stole the first gold ring my dad bought for my mum (26years ago)from her.
It is not worth much for its only a thin and small gold ring,
but when I wear it, It feels so right. Gives me the 妈妈爸爸的感觉~~