Thursday, June 04, 2009

White to Pink!

Changed the colour to pink!
But I don't quite like it because it is a little purple-ish :/
I hate purple as much as I hate orange -.-
Sore :(

I kept complaining that my gums bleed for no reason ever since I put on braces,
the dentist then suggested that me to buy the special toothbrush
because there are some areas which the normal toothbrush can't reach.
I can't apply the normal oral hygiene, I need special care -.-

I was also told that after 1 or 2 more visits,
I will be changing the usual single colour bands to those which covers/stretches the whole braces.
By the time, it would only be the 3rd month. Soooo fasttttt.
(Because I don't need braces in the first place,
so the progess is faster than the norm)

Supposed to attend CN's 21st birthday but there is also dinner @ Boyf's place tonight for Jon's 17th.
Boyf and me made Almond Jelly with Logans for desserts.

Which concludes that I skipped both of the 21st party this week.
Dang, mine would be pathetic since I skipped so many :(
Luckily, I haven't even decide if I want a party for myself. Hoho!

I am meeting the nursing bitches on Tuesday.
byebyebye. seeyoulater.