Sunday, June 07, 2009

You're not me

Drafted on 05/06/09

Was called back to work yesterday.
Coffee sent me home because Boyf wasn't free.
:( 1 more week and he is reporting to Tekong!

Short hair :)

I want new shoes.
Fred Perry shoe and One of the wedges & a flats which caught my eye @ town.

I want new wallet.
I saw a Burberry one which Boyf said that he will get it for me with his first pay!

Sore teeth, Jelly legs.
I am so tired.

I was in a very bad mood since yesterday.
I need to buy shoes to let everything out.

NEARLY bought that 2 pair of shoes today.
When I asked for size, the only pair left was the display pair,
I wouldn't want anything that had been tried on for countless of times so I gave it a miss.

In the end, I only end up with a bag of accessories.
But Mummy called me to notify me that some of my online clothes are here!

It feels weird to be taking public transport :/


MAYBELINE [: says (11:35 PM):
i know what i want for your first pay alrdy!
MARVIN WONG Yu Qiang ~ says (11:35 PM):
wad wad?
MARVIN WONG Yu Qiang ~ says (11:35 PM):
just name it and i will buy it
MAYBELINE [: says (11:35 PM):
MAYBELINE [: says (11:36 PM):
ur whole pay. angbao.
MARVIN WONG Yu Qiang ~ says (11:36 PM):
MARVIN WONG Yu Qiang ~ says (11:37 PM):
if u want
MARVIN WONG Yu Qiang ~ says (11:37 PM):
just give me transport and meal $ can le

Easier to be said than done, Hunny!!


A little sadder than before.


You're not me.
How can you ever understand?

A friend lost.

A little setback, a little grown up.
A little sadness, a little stronger.