Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ah, Emotional

He took my hand and shook it firmly telling me
"Congrats! I am so happy for you. We must keep in contact, and I owe you a treat"
From the moment we shook hands, I knew it was the end.

I was happy, I was sad. I got my driving license at 9 this morning. It marks the end of my journey with Mr Ong. He was a great instructor with the upmost patience and I really respect him for that.

He was very different from other instructors that I had witness it myself or heard from others. Though his charges are really expensive(almost twice of others), I still sticked to him. I could complain to him about anything and asking him nonsensical questions is my forte, instead of laughing at me, he would actually make up answers for them.

He waited for me me all the way till I get my result, proceed to the phototaking booth, and video session. What he said triggered tears to swell my eyes.

I left BBDC after registering for my license card. Rang up almost everyone who know that I will be having TP today to tell them that I passed. I kept mum about my TP infront of my parents so Dad was actually very surprised when I told him I passed. My aunt happened to be at her spare house at Gombak so I went over for a nap before heading out for movie.

On my way to movie, The bus drove pass Teck Whye and Bukit Gombak. There were alot of L plate cars. I was wishing to bump into Mr Ong's. Heart felt very heavy. Sigh.

It made me realised that passing is not that happy afterall as I am very very used to going for driving lessons. He is not my instructor, he is my BIG friend.

He made me understand this.
"It is not about the money spent, It is about the effort put in"

Drivers look out! A road hazard's coming your way~