Monday, July 20, 2009

Being random

Sigh! The reviews for Half Blood Prince are horrible. JK Rowling must have been devastated to see such results. Her series of of well written books which had made into movies had turned out to receive negative comments ever since the 5th movie - Order of the phoenix.

I had read all the 7 books of hers at least 3 times per book. Including those really thick ones. I sense the disapointment that I am going to receive on Tuesday.

So far, only "Marley & Me" was able to produce the almost exact book effect on its movie.

Twilight was a total failure too.

All in all, Picture/moving pictures can never replace thousands or millions of words.

My feet are burning with blisters now, all thanks to the new pair of shoe I bought yesterday. Dad was nice enough to pay for all our shoppings. The dinner was fantastic. The only bad thing about yesterday is that the chilli crabs stained my light blue braces band green. (Blue + laksa or curry or chilli crab = Green) Man, I really hate green.

Before going for dinner, Boyf and his sis accompanied me to look and research for a quality netbook which again, turned out to be a lucky day for boyf becus he bought a really nice pair of pants which was chosen by the missy, me.

28 more minutes to the start of my test.
goodluck to whoever is having exams too.