Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A better place

I rang up Dad telling him that I would like him to buy a big kennel for Raven in the afternoon.
He must have thought that I was nuts but he said that he would further discuss it with me.
(nuts because a big kennel should be for people living in bungalows as they have more space)

So like, even the cheapest looking metal cage cost at least a LOW 3 digits($150) for a small one.

Pink is pretty cute yea?

What I want is something like below.

It looks like a playhouse.
It cost 1.5x more than the metal ones(for a small one too).

I didn't see the shop selling large kennel.
(I want raven to be able to lie totally flat in the kennel)
How much would it cost?! :(

I suppose if it cost ALOT, he wouldn't get it for me to give it to Raven.
Because Raven is supposed to be my dog
but he is already living off him with all the good food that mummy keeps buying.
And the fact that they need to clean up the mess he constantly creates.