Thursday, July 09, 2009

Again and again

I wanted to skip school today as I slightly overslept.
Then WM reminded me that I need to return him the hdd which I have been owing him since a week ago.
He borrowed it from his friend and delayed it till today cause I kept forgetting to bring.

So, I was like damn rush.
My mind was filled with "remember to bring the hdd, remember to bring the hdd".
And I forgot to bring my thermometer.
As the new rule says " No thermometer = No lesson "
This is the second thermometer that I bought from school this year.

Had Macdonald for breakfast, Went to subway for lunch.
Bought some telephone coils a.k.a bangles.
Unknown DinDin later.

Thanks to LWM~ If I didn't go school, I would spend $0!! >:(
Not that these small money makes me heartache but because $XXX went out of my bank again yesterday -.-
$100 is going out for tmr's dental appointment.
$180 is going out on Sat.

Little little little adds up to many many many!!

AHHHHHHH~ Broke broke broke!!

Since there is test and dental tomorrow, it means that I can't skip school.
Which also means that I honoured my promise of not skipping school this week!

Court booked, rackets checked, corks checked.
2hours of badminton coming up this Sunday!
Yay, again again!

Hello Jinx,
I am having a good day,
and I am going to make your life miserable, very miserable.

But no one dress up or put on make up for sports right?!