Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cutting down

School is not a place for education. School does not ensure our safety. School puts us at risk. School gives us curfew claiming that it is for our own good.

Only 45minutes for lunch. 45mins for Yr1, After Yr1, another 45mins for Yr2, followed by Yr3. Stupid enough. Since the virus can survive for 8hours, Does it make any difference to seperate the school into 3 groups for breaks? After Year 1, Year 2 goes down straight, is it 8hours apart? Does the school really feel that all the students will oblige to this curfew? I am one of those who refused to give a shit about the new curfew and went down for early breakout today, if this is irresponsible then what is responsible? By cutting our lunch time from 2hours to 45mins?

When there was no H1N1, School set up alot of booth with all the science technology equipments as if SARS is about to attack again. Now, when there is 86 cases of H1N1, it refused to close school, and refused to let us eat!!!!! By the time u go down, queue for food, TA DA!! Time's up! What a brilliant plan!! I wonder which genius came up with that.

I agree with the principal that shutting down of school is not the right way to solve the situation and no one knows how long this epidemic will last. But there is also no wrong to shut down the school for a week just to ease everyone's worries!

Side Note; The boyfriend fell ill again yesterday. Instead of allowing him to rest, He had to drive/accompany me to Jon.L's place to collect my stuffs. :(