Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A little overboard

Yes, as the title was saying, "a little overboard"
Boyf had been complaining.
Now that I had passed my TP, and I have no more liabilities, I lost control of my spending.
Not just today, but so many days.
The truth is, I am only back to my old self, the way how I used to spend before driving lessons started.

Just so you know, I am going shopping again tomorrow :)
Boyf had free movie tickets to any movie @ anytime from his bro-in-law.
So we are making use of the tickets tomorrow(or rather, later) for Ice Age 3.

Everything about today was good.
After lesson

Yes, I still hate my current "Blue to Green" braces.
I have the urge to take out all the bands whenever I look into the mirror.
&& my ulcer is damn painful.
Is this the braces's doing or the shaker fries's doing?