Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Overwhelming Happiness

Totally Overwhelming.

I call it pretty because it is simple and nice :)

The pet station sent a car to pick Raven up. It pains me to see him in a cage. :( I went to wait for him from 7pm to 8. Ever since he got home, he had been hiding under the bed :( But he always behave like this after his grooming session. Not the first time. He is like the house's baby whom everyone dotes on deeply. Everytime, Everyone would be anticipating for his return. Including Dad, including today. LOL. I missed him like hell when he was away for that few hours.

SLAP ME SLAP ME!! I still can't believe I got my driving license!! Hunny called me and asked me why am I home instead of driving outside! (Cause Dad has a spare car for me to drive as he is driving the other) I am still on cloud nine! (as long as I don't think of MrOng) I guess this mood will go on for afew more days :):):)

One result was released today. I knew that I misread a 4marks Qn and I was expecting to get a low B or high C. But I got a high B! If I did not misread that Qn I bet I could have gotten A since I am only 1mark away from it. However, I didn't do that well for another module (I did not fail), which I misread the 10marks Qn. 10marks!!!!! Omg heartachezxzxz! Because Time was insufficient for almost all the modules, I often misread the Qns or failed to complete them in time. Bah! At least I did well for the remaining modules as I managed to score A :D

For 6weeks, I had been skipping school at least once per week. This is bad. Even though I didn't skip yesterday on purpose as TP clashed with school, but it is still bad. As much as I want to skip school tomorrow, I can't, cause I missed the previous lesson for tomorrow's module too. badbadbad.



The news just reported that there are 2 more death in SG which is related to H1N1. One of them is only 13years old. SAD. SAD. SAD. He have yet to taste the biterness of life or enjoy the fruits of his labour in the future.
Eclipse is such a bad thing. Wonder why would people go crazy over it. So what if it is "once in a lifetime"?? It is not like you will strike 4D after watching it. stupid. Yes! I blame it on the eclipse since I don't know who/what to blame!! Anyway, there will be another eclipse next year and SOO??

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