Thursday, August 27, 2009

A getaway trip

My fifth visit to Thai, this time, without my parents.

One night, I was chatting casually with A. I had no idea how did the conversation reach BKK (Bangkok), We were merely talking about it,and we book the flight tics/hotel the next day. Nothing was planned beforehand. It was just, very sudden.

The 4 of us are leaving for the airport on the 25th.
Can't stay for more days which I wanted to, because all of them need to work :( Wanted earlier dates but because my last day of work is on the 23rd and my dental appt on the 24th :/

Lucky we have KH, who is very knowledgable. We are currently discussing on where to go!! My main objective is not branded or labels this time but the cheap cheap Naraya and dog clothes for Raven! Most of us will be bringing an empty luggages there and fill it back with even more bags of clothes etc.

Talking about it makes me want to fly there right away.