Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hidden interest

ROSY ROSY CHEEKS(in reality) because of the weather.
Was cheated into going to a Malay wedding of my Dad's friend.
(He asked me to send them there so that he don't have to drive)
It was too warm so I had to hide in the car and Dad reckons that I love driving.
As a matter of fact, I think I DO love driving now :D
Especially at night, when there are lesser cars.
(Not to far places of cause, I can get really sleepy)

The Ichiban this afternoon made me crave even more for Chawanmushi now.

Oh btw, ION, together with its crowd gave me headaches.
I wouldn't step inside yesterday if HY didn't ask.
It was a lovable day spent with her but we got goosebumps as we bump into ALOT of friends, (TOO much of a coincidence)
Even those which we least expect to bump into.

and omg? Miss Lina dated me out for this coming Wed!
How rare?!?!?!

Raven is my pride, my joy!
WYQ is very tempted to get a dog in the future after looking at how much a dog can do.