Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Live Love Laugh

My nails are not black.
They are very very dark navy blue. And I only like that shade of blue.

I don't think I am going for short hair anymore.
Don't think that it would suit my face.
Long hair would be a better choice for me.
People who are not suitable for long hair, insist on growing long hair = PUKE.
So since I am not suitable for short hair, I should save others from puking!

Yayz! I am going to take out the MAGGING ugly green bands next Tuesday.
I shall go back to pink bands. Don't wanna go try out all the colours anymore.
Sad that there isn't anymore available slot for Elliot,
Otherwise we can go together after our lesson.

Felt bad that we had to abandon Khaliq today as we all went home early.
But it was still a nice 3.5hours of shopping/chilling :)
LINA, I like my flora flora okay?! :D And the pregnant tube I bought today. Hehehehe.

Intending to skip lesson this Friday also as I want to go shopping.
This week is only a 2-days week for me :)
Endure next week, After the following Monday, It will be Holidays.
It is not going to be a relaxing holiday because I have yet to start on my project
and the deadline of the draft is end of Aug.
Bless me.


Way too over confidence is a very very bad thing, Miss.

Magging = F**king