Friday, August 21, 2009

My final say for this

Let's just do this maturely.

People have been asking me questions like "Who who? Which girl? Maybe I am going to be in the same class as her in the future/or shes my ex-classmate. What happened?!"

Now, I am telling you the full story of my incident, only mine.
(Almost everyone in the class got bitten by this devil child, but I am in no position to mention their's)

It all started like this,
One day, That kid asked me nicely "Do you have a blog? What is your url?" Little did I realised that, my nightmare was about to begin after I gave her my url. Because honestly, I do think that she is a nice girl at the start as it was my first time talking to her.

I didn't talked to her after that. I wasn't close with the class. I only talked to people like Elliot, Jiayun and Tracy, only these few. (I knew Jiayun long ago as we used to be in the same class for the first semester of school) But you know what? The kid was actually close with quite a few people like Denise, Revathy, Shafiqah and Lana. They other add each other into a mass conversation. So, the kid pasted my url for them, and bitched about me and from there, the people had a different impression of me. I hardly talk to people in the class yet she can dig things out from my blog to bitch about. It didn't just last for a day or two. She bookmarked my URL, visit it daily, and bitched about everything.

I knew about this long ago but I took the humble pie and kept quiet thinking that she'll get sick of it soon.

What has my life got to do with yours? Did I accidentally hinder your path? NO. So why do you have so many things to bitch about?

Usually when you have endless of comments for someone, you are either

1. Jealous of her. She have what you don't have.
I have a good family who supports me financially and dotes on me alot.
I have a dear boyf of nearly 3years.
I am financially strong enough to get whatever I want.
I love brandeds and labels - I don't bring them to school, But I blogged about it.
I have alot of friends around me, and of cause, my bestfriends.
I have everything that I can ever ask for.

2. She offended you in a way or another.
I have never chatted with her before - Unless you include me giving my URL.
I am aware of her URL but have never ever make any comments about her.
I know she looks weird but I did not laugh at that to anyone or in my heart.
It is obvious that she has skin problems, but it doesn't really matters.
(I wouldn't laugh at it unless she goes beyond my limit.

3. You are lonely, You need attention.
I can fully understand that since she is the only child.
She is not confident of herself so she bring down others to tell the rest that she is the best.
She is lonely, She needs to find some trouble to keep her entertained.

HONESTLY, I have never made any comments about her before this incident. Not in my heart or not to anyone because I don't really know her personally. So why is she "bullying" me? She's just so very jealous of whatever I have and that I don't need to call my mum to tell her that I want to get something from this or that blogshop and ask her for money, that is the only answer that fits best. OR unless she feels that she is really that perfect while I have so many flaws. Since she said she had never said that she's prefect, SO, it means that she's jealous. From this, I conclude that she is so deprived of love.

I do feel that I have a need to help Jiayun defend herself. She also made fun of Jiayun's voice. For friends who know Jiayun, we all know that she has a really baby voice. It is not a sin to be born like this right? What is wrong with baby voice anyway? God gave her that voice. Is the devil child's voice really that nice? Her voice and the kid's skin problems are what they have no control of.

If she don't like people to comment about her skin, Why go round imitating her when she is doing her presentation? Have she ever cared for her feelings? Won't she hurt her? After making fun of her voice, she went on to Jiayun's clothes claiming that she copied her. Oh please, She had been wearing that even before the start of this semester.

(She bitched about almost everyone in the class but I am not saying who and what)

The kid then went on to quarrel with her friends, Denise, Revathy and etc. They fell out. Like I said, I don't mix with the class, so I had always felt that Denise is a very nice girl. To date, I still feel the same. They did not betrayed her like what the devil child claimed. The few of them kept quiet in class and continue to hangout without her. (Whatever they quarrelled about is not mine to be typed here)

Whenever the class has a class conversation, and obviously no one would invite her, she would DEMAND others for the content of the conversation. OR anyone that is talking to Denise, she would also want to know everything.

The devil child actually called Rev a bitch (when talking to Lana) infront of her when they were in the same team. She even went to the extent of saying "make space make space, someone is going to enter the class" when Rev is about the enter the class and MORE. This lasted for a month I think. So the class gave her back what she gave to us and what she did to Revathy. We commented her infront of her. (Yes, very childish) We wanted her to have a taste of her own medicine. Remember this, What comes around, goes aroud.

Finally, She got her retribution. She had no friends in the class. I was told that she tried to make use of Denise again just because we all clearly know that Denise is soft. She did not admit that it was her fault all along, when Denise refused, she pushed everything to her and blame whatever happened on Denise.

Now, she's calling us the bullies. Big bullying the smalls? Haha. So what was she when she did that to Revathy and others? Doesn't it make her a bully too? She went round complaining to friends of the other classes who happened to be friend of another classmate and made it sound like she's the victim while we are the "gangsters".

Think back. Who started the whole situation? I took the humble pie at first, but she did not stop. I have to let her know that I am no pushover. I may be quiet doing my things in class but I am definitely no weakling (she have already witness it herself by now). I am really really fierce and I will not hesitate to stand up for myself.


I am so sorry young girl, but you messed with the wrong person right from the start. If I were to tolerate your nonsense and not standing up for myself, then you can call me a coward because I swear that I did not do you any harm or damage before. I daresay that I am in no wrong right from the start since I have never stepped on your toes. You hate me now because I am the FIRST who stood up against you. Because I was the only one who dare to challenge you and your self conscious attitude.

If you have any more comments about me, do it infront of my face or infront of me, let me hear it. If it is some constructive comments, I don't see the need to blame you but instead, I will thank you for that, but if its nonsense, look into the mirror, and think twice, how far from perfect are you?

In simple,
1. She asked for my URL
2. Spread it to others and bitched about me almost everyday.
3. Laugh at my entries/pictures/boyf.
4. Insulted more than half of the classmates.
5. Friends left her.
6. Made use of friends.
7. Called us the bullies.
8. Retribution received.

BTW, If you think that >20 years old are too old for tertiary education, why don't you tell the government that? In case you don't know, There are alot of >25 years old student in other classes/courses. This goes to show that how little things your brain knows. I see that as an insult. Since you have skin problems and weird mentality, why are you in normal government school instead of the hospital, school for mentally disabled or even back to secondary school because your brain is still developing?

Whatever it is, I took a wrong step by entering a wrong school with a friend in the past, but I am glad I graduated and obtained a cert for Nursing. So I came back to finish something which I had always want to - which is to take up Biomedical Science. I thought the MOE always encourage Life long learning? And trying for another cert breaks no law and I do feel that it is very encouraging to keep learning and not stopping. This also showed that you are really very narrow minded and childish :) No need to say more, because from this, People can already judge what type of person you are. If MOE thinks the same way as you, then ITE pupils shouldn't even get the chance to enter any Poly since they are overAGE. Thank god, Not all people are as childish as you. PS : I used my O lvl cert for Biomed Sci.

You know, You are really such a devil child and a gossip dog. I have no wish to "bully" you, past-now-or-future, if you see me defending myself against your nasty comments as bully then I suggest you look back at the whole picture again. Don't go round picking others for trouble. I don't want all these to happen, and I believe, the rest of the classmates too, All I ask for is peace, love and joy during the duration of the course. Who wouldn't want to study in a happy environment with a happy class and have fun outings?