Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Shopping parcels arrived!!

Today is the best day of school for this semester.

There is more but the lazy disease of mine strucked.
When I am begining to love the class, it is already at the ending.
I would say that this class is the friendliest class among my 3.
Although the bonding is a little late for me, but better to be late than never.
I would also consider this as the most perfect class,
If I don't count the peacedestructor in.

Pity that my Thursday is with the Year 3s.
Otherwise I might be able to witness and wait for a show. Sigh!
I planned not to go to sch on Friday, but who knows, I may go for the show!

The making artificial saliva workshop after school was fast and fun!
Jiayun and me went to get our pumps and home sweet home.
Ommmggggg, It was 6pm so everywhere was extremely crowded.
I hate taking public transport.

Reached home, and I couldn't find Mum anywhere.

Mummy is not happy being a "tai-tai"
LOL! My mum is now free from everything.
And she complains about being bored EVERYDAY.
For the past few days, she had been going out to I-Dont-know-where.

Dad : Were you out to town on Sunday?
ME : Yeah why?
Dad : No wonder! I was thinking why didn't you ask me for the car keys!
ME : Hehehehe. Save it for this weekends! And Monday is a holiday!

The petrol tank is now full as he hopes that I'll drive Mummy around this weekends.
SEE! It is nice having a spare car at home, best of all, Dad tops up the tank. Not me!
Save the hassle of waiting for bus/train/cab,
even if we book for cab, you would still have to wait.
However, Driving is nowhere better because we still have to search for a parking lot.
I don't care, As long as I am not the one who is driving (poor boyf)
After I got my license, Dad stopped his naggings about driving so it doesn't really matter who is driving his car.

And the really irritating Dad just tricked me.

I heard from my room that someone came back downstairs.

ME : MUMMYYY~!!!!!!

The sound was weird so I called out again.

Me : MUMMMMY!!!!!!!
*yes?~ yes?~*

Damn. So I went down to check, it was Dad. He was trying to imitate Mum -.-


NO SCHOOL TOMORROW~ :):):):):):)


Love my class,
Love my family,
Love my friends,
Love my boyfriend.

Everything's so great at today!