Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I doubt so

The best day so far is the day I woke both my BUDS up for breakfast.
My first friend passenger is HY :)
I wanted her to take Coffee's car instead(not confident of taking passengers) but that stupid guy drove to another block because he wasn't sure of the route.

I was told by Dad that taking Cabs is cheaper than driving.
CAR = Petrol TO & FRO + Parking(esp at town areas) already cost more than Cab,
if we include Road Tax, Maintenence, insurance, cost of the car(cars are not cheap),
Average $ spent(yearly), 1 car ride is equivalent to 4 cab rides.
Average $ spent(per ride) 1 car ride is equivalent to 2 cab rides.

So why do people still take up driving? Cause... driving is fun? -.-

If so, why did he still ask me to learn -.-
Really don't understand.


Sometimes you don't know who is reading your blog,
so it is best to keep everything to yourself.

I am so shocked to know the amount of friends reading (by words of mouth).
Those who I never thought would read, actually read almost daily.


If you are reading this, add me in my new FB account! :)
Deleting the old one to clear unwanted "friends".
And there are 97 friend requests pending
I don't like to have strangers in my list
Rather than clicking ignore for 97times and deleting friends for (??) times,
I chose to create a new account.

"I finally found someone(refering to YQ) in your family who have FB account!" Yoou told YQ.