Wednesday, September 02, 2009

You see smiles, is it true?

Been really tired lately.
I get really emotional and depressed at the end of everyday(work).
Kept pushing myself to help since there is only less than 3weeks left.

Poorly edited I know. :X

I realised my class can be damn cute.
They went for bowling after their last paper.
(without me, cause my last paper was one day before their's)

They used the facilitator's name as their names. LOL.
Except for Tracy(I guess) who used Domo-Kun, and the damn Elliot who used Maggie.
Miss Maggie wasn't supposed to be my name but another girl.
Bloody People kept messing our names up so they called me Maggie too.
Though not my name, but I am 100% sure that they were refering to me.
Especially that NORA DORA.

Dad is going to get me a Netbook!!
I am still deciding on which colour to get.
Black or White?

Red is acutally quite nice too. But not to my liking.

YAYYYYYYYY~ Free from the super heavy bag during school days. :)
I really can't imagine how girls carry such heavy laptop for 3years.
Laptop + Battery + Adapter = Around 2kg?!?!?!

For the past 1.5years, it's either I bring my Battery to school and leave the adapter @ home or the other way round. :/
Or Or throw my laptop to someone's else hand to carry it for me :/
(AHEM, Elliot, I did not bully you okay?!)

| -,.-Lestart-.,- | Kai Shi says (1:17 PM):
*the laptop damn small 1 rite?
La Symphonie de l'amour. says (1:17 PM):
*i m buying that for sch
| -,.-Lestart-.,- | Kai Shi says (1:17 PM):
La Symphonie de l'amour. says (1:17 PM):
*so that i will bring batt n adapter to sch
| -,.-Lestart-.,- | Kai Shi says (1:18 PM):

& He's pestering me to get BLUE which is the ugliest among all!!!!

Not that I am lazy but if you know me really WELL enough,
I am extremely "GU NIANG" when it comes to strength.

In the past, my instructor would say me "Stop being so Gu Niang, This is E-Break, Not Girl's break. Please use more strength" even though I had already put in 100% of my strength.

How can I have so little strength when I am so big in size?!
I am puzzled by this too.