Monday, October 12, 2009

My Sunday


My parents and bro had to attend a malay wedding,
& we were too lazy to get out of the car,
so we stayed inside for cold air.

YEA, YQ went to get his ARMY hairstyle cause he feels that it is cooler that way -.-

I hate it when I do parking and there's like 5 cars behind waiting to cross over.
It never fails to make me panic and want to complete it fast but I always end up bad.

Dad was lazy, YQ was lazy.
So I have no excuse to look for shelter.
ANW, In order to speed things up, Dad took over the wheel after lunch. HEHEHE.

Shopping aftermath.
My loots are like less than 3 items only LORR. WTHH!

At least I got a table of titbits!
Show u part of it! HAHA!

No one sensed anything.
My emotions, that is.
I am learning, learning how to l y l & slowly g y u.

& I swear I wanted to stab my own gastric today.