Sunday, October 04, 2009

My trip

DORA is so anxious to see my peektures here because she is very noob at FB. HAHAHA.
So I gotta randomly pick out 10 to blog.
SEE DORA, I am so nice to you =)

To the airport on the 25th, and back at SG on 28th evening.
I wanted to stay there longer!!
On a happier note, Few days are better than nothing =)

And from the whole trip, I conclude that MR PEH is very very gentleman =)
Overall was fun, shopping was madness, like seriously. But for me & HY only.
Its been so many days but I have yet to unpack my clothes and shoes. HAHAHA.

I keep losing things recently.
My favourite jacket & my beloved pouch.
I ought to learn how to take care of my things properly.

I love last night most =)
But I shall save it for the next entry. Hehe.

Can I use the netbook without installing the school system on Mon? Mmmmm.