Saturday, October 03, 2009

A quick one


Very much looking forward for the new semester because I have SOH CHUANYUAN, DORA, FANG SIYU, AND MOREEEEEEEEE. But damn! There's so manyyyy guys in this class. I DONT LIKE!

I am extremely happy today because............ HEHEHEHE, tell you again when I have proper time to blog. I just came out of shower and is jumping into bed after my hair is slightly drier.

Sometimes SBS gets too mushy, it gives me goosebumps. HAHAHAHA.

-,.-Lestart-.,- Kai Shi says (2:57 AM):
*u think too much!!!
*i hate u for wad
*u are my dearest friend
Maybeline says (2:57 AM):

WAH, Lucky you are as old as me. HEHEHEHE.

Come and claim your gift when school starts k? Hehehehe.
Same for Jiayun, Zadyn, WeiBin, Janice, Elliot and Lina!!!!!!!

It is so sad that friends have to end up this way,
But I guess it is better like this because all the true colours appeared.
He asked me, "Did he really treasure this friendship or did he appear with other motives at first?"
I recalled, at that point of time, things were very rocky for my life.
Now I know why.

Nvm, What will happen, had happened.
Bad or Good true colours, they aren't important now.
Jiayou!!!~~~ Just smile all the wayyyyyyyyy :D:D:D

I have two 21st to attend this Sunday.