Saturday, October 31, 2009

What now?

Emotions are like genes.
Happy is recessive while Sad is dominant.
It takes (something really happy) 2 happy genes to show that you're happy.
And it takes just 1 to surface that you're not fine.

I usually sleep alot and eat very little when I am not me.
It's in the mind. It's in the mind. It's in the mind.
No, clearly we know that "It's in the heart".

Many a times, for weak individuals like me,
we have no control over our mind because
we usually follow according to the flow of reality.
or what the heart tells us to.
The flow of love life that is.

Everything is just so great at this point.
So great that I shouldn't even complain.
But I don't know what's gotten over me.
I feel confused. I feel sad and melancholic.

"The world is catching up to you while you're running away"