Monday, October 19, 2009

You know I care

I like and appreciate friends who give their everything in without expecting anything in return.
They make me do things for them willingly and happily.
Sadly, They are only one in a million.
Thankfully, I found 2. J and L.

As a matter of fact, friends whom you may have known for 10years or 20years,
may not be the friend who know you best, and neither the friend who is willing to do things just for you.

Not a goodfriend, not a bestfriend. Only a friend.

For you L,
I am sorry, when you were down, I was only bothered by my own stuffs. So occupied with my emotions that I forgot to ask "how are you" even though you were with me everyday. You even had to cheer me up when you were feeling nowhere better. I left for Thai happily, and you had no one to console you, to talk to you. Someone who understands. Now, I feel like I was such an asshole. I am sorry I am such a selfish friend.

You know, I had a bestfriend, Coffee. Yes, he's still good. But you know, you're the best. You are the first to show me how selfless one can be. How one can give in non stop and not asking any for return, with no conditions. Seriously.

As your goodfriend, I hope you walk out of darkness soon. This is just another phase of life. We need setbacks to help us grow, make us stronger. God created all these for us. For us to learn, and together with his guidance, he will lead us through the storm.

So, dear friend, cheer up. Look at the brighter side of the world, which is ME! :)


Finally, some proper time for shopping!
We bought little stuffs,
but shopped like what we did in BKK.
"To spend without thinking & without bothering about the price"
End up, We spent LOADS. Some three digits for useless stuffs -.-

To be true, I only managed to finish the packet of ruffles I bought last week because I fell sick.
Today, I replenished my titbits again! Yay!