Friday, November 13, 2009

One after another

I am blogging for the sake of Nora!
Happy happy? ;)

For the past 4 days, I was either out or in school till 8pm.
Instead of complaining tired, I was actually enjoying every single day,
even though exams and projects were constantly on my mind.

They always end my day with a smile no matter how bad my day was.

Today(as of Thursday) is an excellent example.
My morning was totally ruined by some so called good friends.
I guess no one can be counted as BFF or good friends
when they don't really know what is happening around you,
when they only do things to disappoint you,
when all they do is to put on a mask/ do a show for others.

If you know my inner self,
you would have know that the word "friends" don't even exist in my dictionary.
I accept everything that comes along,
the angels that god sent to accompany me through certain intervals,
and the devils that god set to make me stronger.

I am not afraid of losing anything,
I don't need anything to keep me going.

Don't fucking say anything which you can't keep. Like seriously.
You know I don't want to swear.

I will be seeing these great people again tomorrow evening.
Together with the rest of the people sent from heaven.
From 5D, 5B, 4R and 4H :):)