Monday, December 21, 2009

Kinder Surprise!

Back to square one at 12mn :(

I found 3 kinder surprise among my birthday hampers!
One of them was a chocolate hamper.
Yes, I have not open up some of the presents yet.

I know it is nothing much but what really excites me is that they are not from the new generation!! Its the old one! Lestart was telling me that his sister bought 6 back from Germany but none for me! Who knows I have 3 myself! Hehehe.

Ever since they changed the whole kinder, I stopped buying them. In terms of taste, the old one is definitely better. At our age, If we were to buy them, would you be more interested in the taste or the toys? Of cause not toys right?! In simpler terms, the new one sucks, totally. :/

I go gahgah over any chocolate with white chocolate like how I get crazy when I see dogs! Especially big dogs to the maximum! Dislike dark chocolates like how much I hate babies/kids for all they do is cry cry cry, whine whine whine!! Headache~ whenever I think of them.

In the past, YQ used to tell me how irritating kids are while I kept defending them. However now, I share the same point as him. I know I was once a kid but so what? :/ My ex-boss used to tell me "children may grow up to be defiant, and they can abandon you when you're old. As for dogs, they may run away, they may pee in the living room and shit outside the toilet, but one thing for sure is that they will remain loyal to you no matter what."

After hearing this, I know I am in deep shit. Because I share the same thoughts as her. I would rather want 2 dogs and 2 kids. This is something not everyone can accept. Maybe I will grow to like kids when I am older. As far as I am concern for now, they are just irritating creatures because they gives me headache when they cry!!!

Okay. I just need to nag somewhere cause it's Monday already.