Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 was hell


2009 was a bad year
because I kept visiting the doctor
because my schedule was veryvery packed
because someone didnt give me peace initially
because something major happened twice.

2009 was a good year
because I got my driving license
because I passed my presentation for my project
because someone left and peace was back
because I went to BKK with friends.

I read through my entries for the past 1 year and realised how close I was with Coffee and Huiyan. I would drag Coffee anywhere and as soon as I got my license, I dragged the both of them out of bed for breakfast, light shopping, last minute plans at town or laze at their house for the whole noon. As we grow up, the less closer we become because we have too many different groups of friends and the more we realise the differences in us. I daresay that we don't even care much about each other anymore. Paragraphs of words are useless when actions are not taken.

Enough of friends, lets talk about love. M hasn't been a good boyfriend for 2009. Now that he had already ORD and begin his new life, his new job, which means adulthood, finally something different for 2010. There were alot of smiles and frowns for us and 2009 certainly wasn't as easy to pass like the previous few. But we managed to get things back on track on the very last day of 2009 which gave a beautiful ending and a good start for 2009.

As for school wise, results had been constantly average for the second semester. I can foresee my GPA going down the slope. Sigh. There is always a price to pay when you play too much. Both the 2 classes which I got into this year was pretty much entertaining and nice. But obviously, the second one had more bond because of the activities planned, with credits to Mr Jon.K who made the effort to get everyone out.

Lastly, 2009 was terrible also party because of the fact that....

Nevertheless, I look forward to a brand new exciting 2010 ahead with you people!!