Saturday, January 02, 2010

Good start for twenty ten

My first day of twenty ten was splendid even though simple.

Got quite lost while heading to West Coast Park. Sigh. Any driver with poor sense of direction is a lousy driver. Sadly, that's me.

It is also my first time driving to somewhere unfamiliar without M. I was kinda scared at first but at the end of the day, I told him I was proud! Hehehe. It made me realised that I ought to stop pushing the steering wheel to M and camwhore at the passenger seat. As the sayings goes "practise makes perfect" :)

Things started to get messy in the evening when it started pouring heavily, especially when you have to look after an ultra fluffy dog. Lucky we had our fair share of fun for 4hours before we left the place for dinner.

Sent Raven home and headed to the mall. Never thought that we would spend 3hours in a mall. Guess it is mainly because of the guys who were busy trying out clothes. Thank god they bought 4, otherwise we would have waited for 1hour(?) in vain.

Holidays are officially over. I am left with weekends. *frowns*
Shall spend the remaining days fulfilling~

Need to replace my concession EZ-link by tomorrow :(
Goodnight people, Don't let the bed bugs bite! :)