Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not fun at all

Nothing went right yesterday despite anticipating it since the start of the week.
Day was saved with a gift and my 2010 planner from Japan!

Grumble 1.
Travelling around with a car is more than just hindrance except that it is cleaner, you get to sit all the way and you save the hassle of calling for a cab. You need to look for parking lots, top up cash card for ERP & carparks. Also, Coupons should be ready anytime, you never know when will you need it. Lesson learnt number 1.

Grumble 2.
The more $ you pay, the better services you get, Not better quality/taste of food. Without any other alternatives, we had to eat at Army Market, Hawker centre. It is somewhat true that most delicious food are only found in hawker center and they are usually quite cheap.

However, I would go for average food + good services which include service charge rather than good food + lousy services. Since it is cheap hence we should not even expect anything more than food, but I don't see any wrong with ordering food without chilli or beansprouts really a hassle. Yesterday was another lesson learnt, and close friends would know that I don't really prefer eating in hawkers for I am a really fussy eater. The problem lies with me.

Was it just me or was yesterday really a bad day?
Can school be awesome tomorrow, pretty please?