Thursday, January 07, 2010

Random 2

I received 2 comments today.

1. "I don't hear your voice in class recently, what happened to you?"

Hahaha. Miss PeiQi told me this before our breakout. I guess I haven't been interacting much with almost everyone. And I am no longer active in MSN with the people whom I always chat with. I don't go round during breakout to disturb people@work, instead, I'll just sit at my seat doing nothing and that makes me really happy nowadays given the fact that I am really worn out.

Yesterday, I ate at my seat instead of joining the clique, and today, I took a short nap and did practically nothing except my own work. Another reason of keeping quiet is because I can be grumpy when I don't get enough sleep, and who knows I may offend some sensitive people without me knowing it myself, afterall, I am always blunt with my words.

It's the faulty bio clock's fault!! I can never have 10hours of sleep during school days. Sigh.

2. "How come you are always in BLACK/WHITE or anything in the middle?"

For this... MMMmM.. I do wear other colours, but this point is totally not worth clarifying because its meaningless.