Thursday, February 18, 2010

100% happiness

A few pictures from CNY!
I have more, but next time k! Quite lazy to compile them.

Anyway, Days have been fruitfully gooooood even though M and me lost quite a bit at gambling!
But me like!! Afterall, Not all happiness can be bought by money!
(I am not trying to say Money can't buy happiness because in my opinion, Money can!)
Don't bullshiiiit if you say CAN'T!
One out of countless examples.
Money buys brandeds, and brandeds makes most happy.
Still, there are something which money can't buy.
Like my current happiness! :)

I have been seeing JJ everyday because his motive for coming back to SG is to see
1. Family
2. Brothers
3. CLOSE friends

M happens to fall in category 2.

I think we are the reason behind global warming.
We always drive out more cars than what we need (resulting in more gas!!)
3 cars for 5 person.

More cars = more petrol = more $ spent
More cars = more parking fee = more $ spent
More cars = more gas = global warming

Eh, ah Wong! Read this and reflect ah!!

Just yesterday, They went to my workplace with Yogurt puddings. LOL.

Sometimes, or rather, most of the time, I really feel that M is the best :)

He always say the right things and make me go LOL.