Friday, February 05, 2010

Have it your way then

Yesterday marks the official end of this semester for my class.
Likewise, the official end of lessons indicates the official start of the exams week.

A little unlucky is that, Some Sciences courses are having 2 papers tomorrow, which is a Saturday. The rest will be on next Monday & Thursday.

First time, there was a speech in the class by none other than our Jonathan. I never heard a speech in my other 3 classes before as most of them use words/video instead of speech. I guess most of us were close to tears, so I was pretty grateful when he stopped his speech because I don't wanna cryyyy in class. HAHAHA.

Departure is always saddening, touching and forever, an important lesson learnt in life. That is, 'To cherish'.

Next Thursday. 11.45am. Cries of HOLY-days. :)

As you can see, It's Ajisen again.
I am drowning in their salty ramens.
Come people, Let's have something differenttttt?

I have alooooooot of pictures! Prolly will update them tomorrow~