Friday, February 12, 2010

Surprise surprise!


Derek : Do you have test tomorrow?
Me : Yeap. Why?
Derek : Mmm.. What time end? Want to pass you something to help me surprise Fel.
Me : 12pm. Okay. Where do I meet you?
Derek : I will drive to school to pass you. Don't worry, it is just something small.


All 10 of us waited for an hour for him as we were heading out to celebrate HOLYDAYS and the end of exam period.

When I got into the car,

Derek : Actually this bouquet of flowers is from M. He asked me to help with the collection and pass it to you.


FYI, M is unable to collect it because he is in camp and today is the 11th(+ Vday soon)!
THANKYOU V MUCH, Derek & Felicia who both kept it from me. hehehehe.