Friday, March 19, 2010

Girls have all the time to bitch

It's weird how people whom you don't talk much to, keeps visiting your blog and make little nonessential comments on the entries.

It's either my life is too interesting for you, or you have too few friends and your life is not exactly as happening as mine so you seek for some joy here because commenting on others(me) makes you happy.

Sadist much.

I feel ashamed of myself for being affected by you because a friend once asked me this "You mean you will get affected by people with childish actions? Oh my.."

And if you have alot of comments, why don't you tell me right in my face?
Yes, you, 小人.

Your actions just made you look even lowlier than what you already are.
Lowly people have all the time in the world to do all the lowly stuffs.

"People talk bad about you behind your back because you are already ahead of them"

You don't see/hear me talking about you, do you?

Honestly, get a life.