Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Half filled pail

After a heartwarming Saturday, it was a half hearted Sunday.

Tear-jerking in the morning, ecstatic at night.

Went out with parents in the morning to visit an old neighbour. He is diagnosed with Cancer and is only left with 3weeks - 3months to live. I can't imagine him going away from us. As I have said in my twitter, he was like my Mom's dad. My maternal grand-dad passed away when I was still in kindergarten. The old neighbour and his wife treats my mom like their daughter and likewise, mom would visit them always, almost every evening. It's been more than 10years.............

After visiting, We went for lunch and stuffs. Parted with them in the evening to look for my babes.

Steamboat on a rainy day. Sounds awesome no? It is!

It was quite hard to arrange dates with the nurses because nurses's schedule is always packed with shift work :/

Anyhow, I am looking forward for the next one! :)