Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I feel touched!

Because of a small dispute, I didn't keep in contact with a friend for 2years.

And then, I changed my MSN because the old one had alot of weird people whom I don't know.
Next, I changed my Facebook because I wanted to use the new email add (FB account didn't allow us to change the email for a particular account back then)
Lastly, I changed mobile service provider, and changed the whole SIM card. I lost all my contacts.

Today, She asked me How have I been.
I replied.

She then told me "I can still memorise your HP no!!"


She was once a friend whom I counted the best,
and the one who spent most of our time together in the past.

Forget the past, Look forward to the future.

Forget all the bad, remember all the good.


We will be happier.