Thursday, March 11, 2010

Told you so

For the first time, I am very looking forward to say TGIF.
Just 1 more day to say that!

Holidays are 10x worst than school life when project has started.
The TB incident itself wasted my 2 half-rotting-at-home-day.

Mon, TB review, work.
Tues, work.
Wed, fyp, work.
Thurs, work from noon - night.
Fri, fyp noon, work night.
Sat, morn project, night dinner.
Sun, Raven's appt, phone queue, bro's bdae dinner.

Not all work means job, it just means that I have other important stuff to do.

Hate this week, not because of FYP or work.
But because of the TB review.
Last Friday and this Monday.

I'll remember this 'gift' from that selfish 'friend'
on how much he wasted my time.