Monday, April 19, 2010

Blissfully ill

Sometimes, being sick can be quite a bliss too.

The most annoying thing is to spend $100 on the family doctor medical fees.
$100 is alot to me okay! :( Because usually medical fees cost only about $50?
Lucky it don't have to come out of my own pocket. It can cost me at least 2 dresses?!

I only stayed awake for few hours yesterday.

Like, waking up at 9am to take medication and breakfast
Drove Mom to Grands
Back to bed at 11am
Send Mom back home at 12
Back to bed at 1230
Woke up at 4
Help Boyf with his project
Acc him to get his stuffs
And back to bed at 10.

Anyhow, I was filled with bliss that words can't describe from the Boyf, Mom and Dad.

Anyway, for the past 2 days, I only ate breakfast. Cool or what?!

I better eat lunch later since I skipped breakfast today.

Have a good day world :)