Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For a friend

Morning earthlings!

I woke up with a smile on my face today knowing that I am free from school.
Maybe this is the only Wed off for this year but better than nothing?

Oh wells.

Anyway, I decided to surprise Janice last Friday.
I got her the top that she wanted to get,
but then she went spent her money on many other tops.
The next Monday, I told her that I had something to pass to her.

Before she even know that I had something to pass to her,
she turned down her job interview on Friday just to accompany me to wait for M.

See, She is such a selfless friend.
Never ever in my entire life have I come across this type of selfless people till I know her for, It is always "Every man for himself" or "Every woman for herself".

Let me stress on the words, NEVER EVER. All humans have their side of selfishness isn't it? For her, no. It is always others before herself.

Well, of cause this is the only one out of many many things she did.

Thank you Friend :)